Reduce waste, recoup print costs, and maximize your printing infrastructure with this scalable solution.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
Print from any device
Save Costs
Meet print-on-demand needs
Simple to Use
Easy and convenient access to quick prints
Go Green
Reduce carbon footprints
Secure Print System
Your files are secured with controlled access
Automatic Software Updates
Real time updates ensured

GoPrint Cloud provides smaller print environments an alternate option to pay for wireless prints without the need for a full-fledged print management solution. This unique GoPrint Cloud environment enables users to create cloud hosted print accounts and pay for jobs through Web Print using PayPal. If your site requires the need for secure release, users can authorize the prints from their email once they are at the printer.

How it Works

GoPrint Cloud empowers users to easily send print jobs from any personal device with internet access to your enabled local printers, safely and securely. This wireless and mobile printing solution offers three submission methods: 

Email to print
  • Attach print jobs to unique email address
  • Supports local email servers
  • Print only attachments or add email body option
Universal print drives
  • Simulates “File-Print” workflow
  • GoPrint Driver Windows, MAC, and Chrome
  • Additional settings available through GoPrint Driver for page range, color/b&w, and number of copies
Web Print
  • Unique customer web printing webpage
  • Upload or drag and drop print jobs
  • Enter URL to print web page
  • Protect print jobs with name and password protection
  • Additional settings available for page range, color/b&w, and number of copies
  • Option for LDAP authentication

Select any combination of convenient submission methods for your location and simply alert users how to send their print jobs. GoPrint Cloud can be used as a standalone, with Secure Print applications, or even offers a pay-in-the-cloud option with PayPal.

Secure Release

For job security and pay for print options, GoPrint Cloud is an easy compliment with GoPrint on premise print management solution. GoPrint Cloud also works with:

papercut logo
envisionware logo

Multi-function printer (MFP) manufacturers with Secure Print Services, offers another convenient way to securely protect print jobs submitted through GoPrint Cloud. With Secure Print and GoPrint Cloud, payment for prints as well as copies is easily accepted from ITC’s many self-service devices like the PayStation Grand, PayStation Swift or even a Stored Value Card Reader.

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